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Graduate Centers and Research Institutions
Target group PhD Students and Postdocs

Target group Students


– Testimonials –

“This is a very relevant course that every PhD student would find it worthwhile.” (Dahlem Research School Berlin, February 2019)

“The training strengthens my ability to act in challenging situations.” (München Helmholtz Zentrum, July 2018)

“After this course I really want to know more about logic and critical thinking! I think these skills are essential for everybody!” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“I believe the course will have a huge positive impact in my research career.” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“I very much enjoyed this course! I realized people attack me with invalid arguments and misunderstand my sentences. Thanks to this course I know how to react to them & defend my argument.” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“One of the best lecturers I’ve ever had.” (International Graduate Academy University of Halle-Wittenberg, September 2015)

“This was my last course as a PhD student, but the first one which would have deserved to last longer.” (Life Science Graduate School Zürich, March 2015)