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Convincing through Logic

The Institute of Argumentation Competence offers courses on Critical Reasoning and Logic for young scientists, managers and students.

Our courses are usually booked by universities, research institutes and companies for their scientists and employees. An overview of all courses as well as the booking options can be found here.


Courses for PhD students and postdocs

Scientists have to give arguments in many different contexts: in their publications, in lab-meetings, in grant-applications and in talks at conferences…


Courses for managers

Managers have to deal with arguments every day: In discussions, e-mails, and in public relations. Everyone who wants to be able to express himself in a more precise and direct way can learn a lot from logic…


Courses for students

Critical Reasoning is a key-competence for undergraduate students. It helps them to identify the crucial elements in scientific texts and to structure their own writing in a clear and straight-forward way…


Our customers include more than 50 universities and research institutes in Europe. See here a list of our references!

It’s all about Logic!

Many people are not aware that logic is a scientific discipline in its own right.

Logicians analyze what kinds of inferences are formally valid and what kinds of inferences are not valid.

In our seminars we introduce basic concepts of logic and apply them to arguments in science, politics and everyday-life at the office.

Logic and Argumentation

Our courses are all about good argumentation, but with a focus on logic rather than rhetoric. In our course we take basic concepts of logic such as validity and soundness of arguments as a starting point from which we derive practical techniques for good argumentation. These techniques help you to


state arguments precisely and convincingly


identify logical flaws and unfair arguments


avoid misunderstandings


think more precisely and well structured


reflect critically on your own decisions


train analytical thinking


Critical Reasoning is already well established as an academic discipline in English-speaking countries. However, in Germany and most of Europe it has been largely ignored.

In Germany we are one of the first institutions that offer seminars on this topic.

Why us?


already over 2.000 satisfied participants


over 7 years of experience


continuously developed course concepts

Our participants say…

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

”I really liked the course. The sections on logical structure of scientific texts, talks and also on writing  a good intruduction were really helpful. It will surely help me in writing good papers and giving presentations.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, July 2020)

University of Basel - Faculty of Psychology

”This was one of the most helpflul workshops I have attended during my PhD so far. It was very engaging, and the whole workshop, and especially the exercises, were very helpful not only for the preparation of my defense, but also for the thesis itself. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is about to start writing the thesis.”

(Thesis Defense Training, Oct 2020)

Dahlem Research School (DRS)

”It was a great workshops, the best I have ever taken from the DRS catalogue. Thank you!”

(Scientific Argumentation, Feb 2020)

TU München

”It was the best course I have taken so far. I loved it and feel that it will completely change my approach when dealing with scientific literature or production of scientific texts.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, April 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

”It was great. I found it really interesting and useful. Malte is an awesome teacher. All scientists should take courses in logic.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, Oct 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

“I have learnt some tips for oral argumentation that I could use both in my everyday life and academic life.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, Oct 2019)

Dahlem Research School Berlin

“This is a very relevant course that every PhD student would find it worthwhile.”

(Scientific Argumentation, Feb 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

“I very much enjoyed this course! I realized how people attack me with invalid arguments and missunderstand my sentences. Thanks to this course I know to react to them and defend my argument.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, Feb 2016)

Life Science Graduate School Zürich

“This was my last course as a PhD student, but the first one which should have deserved to last longer.”

(Critical Reasoning and Logic, March 2015)


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