Argumentation in Scientific Writing

Argumentation in Scientific Writing

Scientists have to be able to present their arguments in a precise and convincing way. However, when writing their papers, many scientists rely on intuition rather than on concrete methods. This course provides participants with all the techniques they need to know in order to state their arguments precisely, correctly and convincingly. The course starts with the basic concepts of reasoning and logic: validity and soundness of arguments, deductive and inductive reasoning, common types of logical inferences. From these basics, we derive useful techniques for argumentation in scientific texts. Throughout the course participants get the chance to apply the acquired skills directly to their own work, to get feedback on already existing manuscripts and to produce new texts on their research topics.

Critical Reasoning and Logic

Thesis Defense Training

Discussing and communicating research

Communicating Science



basic concepts of logic


deductive vs. inductive arguments


basic argument-patterns


tips for stating arguments in texts


revising participants’ manuscripts


reconstruction arguments from the text


The participants…


state their arguments in a precise and logically coherent way


quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in arguments


write accessible texts


The seminar is interactive throughout. It includes extensive exercises that aim at the application of the acquired skills to the participants’ work. Participants can bring existing manuscripts to the course and get the chance to edit them with the help of feedback from other participants and the trainer.

Groupsize / Duration

Max.12 participants


2 days, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


seminar script including a bibliography (pdf document)


exercise sheets

We are happy to send you a seminar script with a detailed time line and explanations to the single methods on your request. Contact us.

Our participants state…

Universität Tübingen Graduiertenakademie

„Philosophisches, logisches Argumentieren lässt sich gut praktisch anwenden.“ (Juni 2019)

BYRD – Bremen Early Career Researcher Development

„Mir hat besonders gut gefallen, dass ich nun mit kleinen Mitteln (und etwas Übung) in der Lage bin, meine Texte qualitativ hochwertiger zu verfassen.“ (März 2019)

LMU Graduate Center

„Sehr guter Dozent, der den Spagat zwischen Beispielen aus dem Kurs und dem eigenen Vortrag schafft.“ (Februar 2019)

Leipzig Helmholtz Zentrum

„Viele hilfreiche Tipps, vor allem zum schriftlichen Argumentieren.“ (April 2018)

BYRD – Bremen Early Career Researcher Development

„Der Workshop war unglaublich gut.“ (Februar 2018)

LMU Graduate Center

„Sehr guter Workshop. Mehr solcher Kurse sollten angeboten werden.“ (Februar 2019)

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