Communicating Science

This seminar offers a practical introduction to science communication. Making research accessible to people outside the field can serve many goals – you can disseminate your knowledge, contribute to public debates, promote critical thought and encourage interest in your field of study in general. Furthermore, successful communication can help your academic career – and it can be great fun, too. In this seminar, participants will practice writing and speaking about scientific topics in a way intelligible to a variety of audiences. Also, they will learn about various channels and formats of science communication. By sharing their experience and ideas they will explore their role of communicator.

Critical Reasoning and Logic

Argumentation in Scientific Writing

Thesis Defense Training

Discussing and Communicating Research



Aims and formats of science communication


Tips and exercises on how to write and talk accessibly about science


Career opportunities in science communication


The participants will…


learn about the aims, formats and institutions of science communication and possible career paths


gain clarity about their own role of communicator


learn how to explain complex issues in a clear and concise way



short inputs and plenary discussion


small group exercises


further practical exercises including individual feedback

Groupsize / Duration

Max. 12 participants


1 day, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


seminar script including suggestions for further reading

We are happy to send you a seminar script with a detailed time line and explanations to the single methods on your request.  Contact us.

Our participants say…

TU München

”It was the best course I have taken so far. I loved it and feel that it will completely change my approach when dealing with scientific literature or production of scientific texts.” (April 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

”It was great. I found it really interesting and useful. Malte is an awesome teacher. All scientists should take courses in logic.” (October 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

“I have learnt some tips for oral argumentation that I could use both in my everyday life and academic life.” (October 2019)

Dahlem Research School Berlin

“This is a very relevant course that every PhD student would find it worthwhile.” (February 2019)

PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme

“I very much enjoyed this course! I realized how people attack me with invalid arguments and missunderstand my sentences. Thanks to this course I know to react to them and defend my argument.” (February 2016)

Life Science Graduate School Zürich

„This was my last course as a PhD student, but the first one which should have deserved to last longer.” (March 2015)

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