Convincing through Logic

Managers have to deal with arguments every day: In discussions, e-mails, and in public relations. Everyone who wants to be able to express himself in a more precise and direct way can learn a lot from logic.

The starting point of this seminar are questions such as the following: What is a logically valid inference? What kinds of inferences are there? From these basic we derive tools that help managers to navigate through any discussion in their work, be it oral or written. Every participant gets the chance to apply the acquired methods directly to problems from his or her everyday work and to discuss possible solutions with the group and the trainer. Courses available in English or German.


The participants…

  • state their arguments in a precise and logically coherent way
  • learn to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments
  • learn how to break-down arguments into their logical structure
  • train analytical thinking


The methods are interactive throughout. The course provides extensive exercises that aim at the application of the acquired skills to the participants’ individual fields of work. The participants get individual feedback on the results of their exercises by the group and by the trainer. The theoretical contents of the course are also conveyed through dialogue and exercises. There will be no pure presentations by the trainer.


  • basic concepts of logic (validity and soundness or arguments etc.)
  • inductive and deductive arguments
  • common types of fallacies
  • common argument patterns
  • tips and exercises for written argumentation
  • tips and exercises for oral argumentation

Group size

Max 10 participants


2 days, 9 am – 5 pm

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