Courses for Graduate Programs and Universities

In science, thinking clearly and seeing the logical relationships between ideas is as important as are experiments and data. Nevertheless, the logical basics of correct reasoning are not part of the curricula for most university degrees. In our courses we introduce basic concepts of logic and apply them to topics from our participants projects or texts. Participants get to know techniques that help them identify strengths and weaknesses in arguments, structure texts optimally, and to state arguments clearly and precisely.

Courses for PhD Students and Postdocs

The vast majority of our courses are courses with PhD students and postdocs. Here you find information about the courses that we have been teaching regularly for years. If needed, we can always adjust the format of the courses.

Critical Reasoning and Logic

Course description

Argumentation in Scientific Writing

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Thesis Defense Training

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Discussing and Communicating Research

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Communicating Science

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The goal of our seminars is to make some easily comprehensible logical principles fruitful for scientific work. Participants learn techniques that help to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, to bring arguments precisely to the point, and to keep the overview in complex debates.

Courses for Students

We also regularly offer courses for undergraduate students. The course formats are generally flexible, and we always adjust the length and the contents to the requirements of the institutions.

Here you find descriptions of courses we offer regularly.

Critical Reasoning and Logic for Students

Argumentation in Scientific Writing

Courses for Companies

Arguments determine success or failure in many contexts: in proposals, in important decisions, and in negotiations. It is often forgotten that argumentation is based on very specific rules. These rules are scientifically researched by logic. To argue convincingly in everyday situations, knowledge of some principles of logic is a valuable tool.

The idea of our courses is to introduce basic concepts of logic and apply them to arguments that the participants are facing in their daily life.

Here you find descriptions of courses we have implemented in the recent past or that we are regularly offering.

Convincing through Logic

Precise Argumentation in Texts

Precise language

Reducing Complexity with Logic

Structuring Presentation