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“The training strengthens my ability to act in challenging situations.” (München Helmholtz Zentrum, July 2018)

“After this course I really want to know more about logic and critical thinking! I think these skills are essential for everybody!” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“I believe the course will have a huge positive impact in my research career.” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“I very much enjoyed this course! I realized people attack me with invalid arguments and misunderstand my sentences. Thanks to this course I know how to react to them & defend my argument.” (PRBB Barcelona Intervals Programme, February 2016)

“One of the best lecturers I’ve ever had.” (International Graduate Academy University of Halle-Wittenberg, September 2015)

“This was my last course as a PhD student, but the first one which would have deserved to last longer.” (Life Science Graduate School Zürich, March 2015)