How to use Logic against Populism

With populism on the rise all over Europe, we ever so often face the challenge of standing up to populist positions in public discourse. In this workshop, participants learn to successfully stand their ground against populist arguments. By means of hands-on exercises and tangible techniques, participants learn to better assess populist arguments, to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses, to concisely formulate their own arguments, and to confidently and constructively confront people with populist standpoints.


The participants…

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of populist arguments quickly
  • understand the logical structure of arguments
  • state their own positions concisely
  • confront people with populist standpoints confidently and constructively


The workshop’s format is interactive. We develop the content against the blueprint of topical examples and put it into practice directly. Participants can contribute examples of their own interactions with populists, allowing the new techniques to be applied to real life problems right away.


  • representative populist positions
  • fundamentals of logical reasoning
  • reconstruction of populist arguments
  • techniques for standing up to people with populist standpoints


Max. 12 participants


2 Days, 9 a.m. – 17 p.m.

Download PDF Document How to use Logic against Populism

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